Practice Areas


Estate Planning

Estate planning at its most basic form is the preparation and collection of assets in anticipation of incapacity or death.  At Evergreen Law Firm, our estate planning services provide our clients with the opportunity to plan for what matters most to them, including, but not limited to asset protection planning, privacy planning, tax minimization and gifting.   


Probate and Estate Administration

After someone dies, their money and property (their "estate") must be collected, organized and distributed.  This process is known as the estate administration.  When it is supervised by the court, the process is referred to as probate.  We work with Personal Representatives and Trustees (the person appointed under a Will or Living Trust to administer the estate) and guide them through the intricacies of the estate administration process.  


Business Formation

Evergreen Law Firm offers a number of business formation options geared toward small business and personal real estate investment. Choosing the right business structure is vital to the success of the business and to the financial security of those involved in the business.  Evergreen Law Firm can help you determine which entity is best for your needs.